Jay + Sarah


We spent part of our Saturday hiding in the trees as the sky poured down buckets on buckets of rain. It was THEE greatest. Never have I been so happy to be soaked by the rain and while hiding a camera under an umbrella.

We were able to capture one of thee most joy filled humans kneel down under an umbrella & ask his favorite human to be his forever. And as the rain fell harder and harder, we watched a confident, grateful, & joyous yes be said. We celebrated from afar with them as we snapped their first moments as future Mr. & Mrs. & thanked Jesus for providing them such a gift in one another.

It wasn’t too long until Jay pointed us out and we were able to run over and  give them a big celebratory squeeze. The rain continued to fall and we caught an oh so happy Sarah and Jay continue to stand in awe of what just happened.

We won’t ever get over the gift it is to enter into stories like these!! We hope the images from that day give you a little glimpse of the joy and tears and the “I really get to marry this human?!” gasps that filled this moment.